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Ana was born in Santarém, the bustling capital of the Ribatejo. Like young people everywhere, she soon developed an appreciation for other styles of music.
The lure of singing fado, however, never waned. In her late teens, at a Christmas party that was attended by a lot of fadistas (fado singers) and guitarists, she sang again and, as fate would have it, noted fado vocalist Maria de Fe was in the audience and was duly impressed. Later that evening, Ana Moura was invited to sing at her Fado house – Sr. Vinho. It was a turning point in Ana Moura’s career.

In 2003 her first solo album was released. “Guarda-me a Vida na Mão” has received great reviews from the media, but was also greatly accepted by the audience, both Portuguese and international. She starts to tour through out the world, having performed at the prestigious Town Hall, in the United States.

At the same time as the tremendous success of her European concerts, Ana Moura began to work on her next album, “Aconteceu” – released in 2004. The selection of songs resulted “Aconteceu”, a double record divided in two different theme areas: - the first cd, called “A Porta do Fado”, approaches the classic Fado and the second cd, named “Dentro de Casa”, is all about traditional Fado. Jorge Fernando, who also made most of the arrangements, was the producer, like in her first album.

As the release of “Aconteceu” was happening, Ana Moura is invited to perform at the prominent Carnegie Hall in New York, as well in some other North American cities. With sold out venue, she became the first Portuguese singer performing on this legendary New Yorker place.

Due to her international success, and with a growing audience in the Netherlands, Ana Moura is invited to do another tour there, performing this time in a very special venue: the known Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. She played in France, United States and China too and was also nominated to one of the most prestigious prizes in the World Music area – the Edison Awards.

It’s about this time that Tim Ries (Rolling Stones saxophonist who was delighted with Ana’s voice, which he met through a record he bought in Japan) invites Ana Moura to participate in the 2nd volume of the “Rolling Stones Project”, a project conceived by him. So, taking advantage of the Stones concert in Oporto, Ana Moura records two songs adapted to Fado by Jorge Fernando and Custódio Castelo. Later, in June 2007, Mick Jagger and his invitation to come on stage at Alvalade XXI Stadium, in front of 30 thousand people to sing “No expectations” with him, would surprise Ana Moura. This invitation happened after a Rolling Stones visit to the nightclub where Ana Moura usually performs. From this friendship comes Tim Ries participation (plays in “A Sós Com a Noite” and as author in “Velho Anjo”) in the one that would be the Ana Moura’s third album.

At the end of 2006, Ana Moura started to record her third original album that was released on the first semester of 2007. In “Para Além da Saudade”, Ana Moura sings the traditional Fado Blac or Fado Azenha, but still risks on some new songs and partnerships, singing poems from Fausto (one of the most important Portuguese singer-songwriters), Amélia Muge and Nuno Miguel Guedes. Once again, Jorge Fernando produced, wrote and composed some of the songs of “Para Além da Saudade”. After a small tour in Germany and Holland, she toured from north to south in Portugal, and presented herself, for the first time, in Madeira. The culmination of an incredible year was in October at Centro Cultural de Belém (one of the greatest concert venues in Lisbon). The venue was sold out to see live the golden record “Para Além da Saudade”. But not only the Portuguese audience had the opportunity to hear live songs like “Os Búzios” or “O Fado da Procura”, Ana Moura also performed in Germany, Holland, Italy, Japan and Czech Republic.

2008 started with an European tour through Holland, Belgium, France, Germany and Spain, and also some concerts in Portugal. Meanwhile she’s presented with a Platinum Record, for 20 thousand sold records. In March Ana Moura continues performing live, this time touring the United States and also Mexico, where everyone was unanimous on confirming her talent. But her success didn’t pass by the Portuguese people, as recently the Fundação Amália Rodrigues awarded her with the prize Best Interpreter 2007.

In June, Ana Moura presents herself for the first time in two of the most prestigious and magical venues in Portugal: Coliseu do Porto and Coliseu dos Recreios in Lisbon, both nights were considered by the public and the critics, memorable. By her side, Ana Moura had two very much-admired special guests: Beatriz da Conceição and Maria da Fé, two of the most significant names in the history of Fado. Sharing these special concerts was also Jorge Fernando, Ana Moura’s musical producer and accomplice.

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  • 03.03.2015, 20:00, Filharmonia w Szczecinie, Szczecin Music Fest 2015,Ana Moura
  • 25.11.2014, 20:00, Palladium, Warszawa, DEUTSCHE BANK INVITES,ANA MOURA


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